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Why Detail Your Vehicle with Harvest Honda Yakima?

Exterior Auto Detail Services

  • Hand Wash & Chamois Dry
  • Machine Buff Exterior to Remove Light to Medium Scratches and/or Dull Oxidized Paint
  • Machine Polish Exterior to Remove Swirl Marks & Produce a Glossy Shine
  • Hand Application of Wax
  • Detail Logos & Trim to Remove Excess Wax Residue
  • Clean Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells
  • Clean Door jambs
  • Dress Tires & Trim

Interior Auto Detail Services

  • Blow Out / Vacuum Interior & Trunk
  • Shampoo Upholstery, Carpets, Seats and Floor Mats (no headliners)
  • Clean all Vents, Cup Holders, Knobs, etc.
  • Clean & Dress all Interior Vinyl
  • Clean & Condition Leather
  • Clean Windows, Mirrors & Ashtray

Car Detailing FAQs

Here at Harvest Honda Yakima, we commonly get questions about what car detailing is, what the difference between car interior detailing and car exterior detailing are, and why detailing is important or different than going to the car wash. Well, we're here to provide answers, so read on!

What is Honda Car Detailing?

Honda car detailing, much like any kind of car detailing on any make and model of vehicle, encompasses the series of processes involved in cleaning and restoring a vehicle to as close to "factory" condition as possible. Car detailing is usually broken down into interior and exterior detailing, with a "full" detail encompassing both.

How Does Detailing Differ from the Car Wash?

If you're looking for car detailing services in Yakima but aren't quite sold yet — especially if you've never had your car profesionally detailed — you may wonder how detailing and car washing differ. The reality is that although car detailing encompasses some aspects of car washing, the reverse is not true.

In other words, car detailing is a much more labor-intensive process, whereas car washing is much more surface level. Think of, for instance, the difference between tidying and dusting up your living room and doing a deep clean where you get the carpet cleaned, the wood floors polished, and more.

What Does Car Interior Detailing Offer?

Interior car detailing is generally comprised of much more than what you get at the car wash. While you do get things like your dash cleaned and dusted, you can also get things like smoke odor removal and vent cleaning, deep upholstery cleaning and shampooing, steam cleaning, and even leather restoration and conditioning. 

What Does Car Exterior Detailing Offer?

Exterior car detailing is so more than just your wash 'n wax. Professional exterior car detailing involves the laborious and skilled process of washing, claying, and then correcting paint. Paint correction can take hours if not days to restore dull, faded, and swirled paint to a show car shine. Exterior detailing can also comprise the application of wax, sealant, or long-lasting coating paint protections.

Harvest Detail

Quick Detail Special Starting at: $69.95

  • Wash
  • Vacuum
  • Windows
  • Spray Wax
  • Shine Tires
  • Dust dash/Panels
  • Door Jambs
  • Water Spot Removal

Complete Detail Starting at: $249.95

  • Wash
  • Vacuum
  • Windows
  • Wax
  • Tire Dressing
  • Engine Clean
  • Door Jambs and Trunk
  • Wash Interior and Shampoo

Also Available Call for pricing 509-248-7600

  • Touch up paint
  • Color sanding
  • Exterior cut and buff
  • Paint repair
  • Clay bar contamination removal

Additional services available at per instance pricing.

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